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  • In-Vehicle Driving Instruction
  • Class 5 and 7 Driver Training
  • Driver Assessment
  • Single and Packaged Driving Lessons
  • Individualized Driving lessons


of Leroux Driver Training

I am passionate about putting safe, confident drivers on the road.  I have been living in Dawson Creek for 14 years now.  For 13 of those years I have been in the driving industry. Prior to spending 6.5 years as a Driving Examiner with ICBC, examining all classes of licenses, I spent a little over four years as a Driving Instructor. I am currently in my third year as the operator of my own Driving School.  Although I enjoyed my years as a Driving Examiner, I find teaching more fulfilling. I have taught many people from all walks of life, ages and countries. I look forward to continuing to meet the needs of my clients and assisting them to become successful, confident, and proficient drivers. 

Drive Safe Everyone!


  • Promote Road Safety
  • Committed to Defensive Driving
  • Individual Attention
  • Improve Driver Confidence
  • Driving Skill Development

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